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A year has led to this moment, as Albrecht prepares for his final trial to be initiated into the Mystery Cult of the Muse.  Waiting for the trial to begin, the young man reflects on what has led him to this point, and where his path will lead.

Written as part of OPR's Writing Jam 4.

EDIT: A few early reviewers have noted one of my paragraphs was unclearly written (Column 2, paragraph 3) - after reviewing it again I completely agree.  

In the spirit of improving readability while still keeping my "Jam" version available.  I have posted the revised version with an improved paragraph in addition to the original work submitted for the Jam.   Thank to those who pointed out this unclear section!


Initiation (Post Jam Revision 2) 231 kB
Initiation (Jam Version) 230 kB

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